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Excellent galleries!!! You have TONS of good ideas ;)
I see you've paid no mind to last Christmas season to "kryptonite90"'s hypocritical BS, and good for you. You have the need for right to attention, as we all do -- that individual was both callous to the human condition, and very obviously looking for some attention themselves. I was super-happy to see nobody replied directly to them. There's healthy attention and unhealthy attention. I wouldn't want to support their behavior.

YOUR behavior, though. Celebrating your body and being comfortable with it is a fine thing, something a lot of people lack in their life and quite honestly need. I enjoyed the gallery on multiple levels, from base enjoyment of your form to what at least -I- consider to be artistry at work. And if one person thinks of it as art... then it IS art, because art is about expressing yourself. I'd even go so far as to define it as art even if you didn't.

Not a fan of the State of Undress series with the lime-green (or whatever color that is) screen. It clashes with your skin tone, which has no effect on how you appear in the photos really but certainly takes that color into new levels of BLEH when paced beside you.
what a beautiful woman. love to see moar of your pics
No offence, but this all makes me want to barf. This isn't art.. its just you trying to grab attention..and its really pathetic.
tyamamotovongola Dec 5, 2011  Student Photographer
perfect gallery
and beautifull woman
you can see my photos ;)
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